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New LIFE in this Lenten Season

Our NEW LIFE Health Kit Project began on Ash Wednesday (Feb. 17).

We will be collecting and PROVIDING the following health care items from Feb. 17 thru March 28: washcloth, hand towel, comb, razor, nail file, bath size soap, toothbrush & toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, and Band Aides. The complete schedule can be found below or in your February newsletter. Post the following schedule to remind you of each week’s challenge:

Week Give up and Provide

Feb. 17 Munchies  PROVIDE  Washcloth

Feb. 21 Pop PROVIDE  Dish or Hand Towel

Feb. 28 Candy PROVIDE Comb or Razor

March 7 Caffeine PROVIDE Nail File, Bath size soap

March 14 Frozen Treats PROVIDE Toothbrush or shaving cream

Mar. 21 Fast Food  PROVIDE Toothpaste or Deodorant

March 28 Gum PROVIDE Small box Band-Aides

If you are unable to shop at this time you may make a donation to the “Hunger” program. Be sure to include your name and church offering number to inure proper credit.